Step 1

  • Your life and memories are discussed during weekly, fortnightly or monthly interviews with myself, which are recorded, written and edited, to create your individual book. We will also discuss which photographs you would like to be included in your book. 

Step 2

  • Every interview is expertly transcribed and you (the author) will have the opportunity to regularly review your story to ensure that you are happy every step of the way. Depending on the frequency of interviews, the process from start to finish usually takes three months.

Step 3

  • Your personal life story is professionally printed as an individual hardback book, which includes approximately 150 pages of text (around 20,000 words) and 20 photographs. If you require a longer book this will be up to 250 pages of text (around 30,000 words) and 30 photographs. Five hardback copies of the book will be personally delivered to you. As an extra special option, you may consider having an A4 portrait of yourself or loved ones drawn for the price of just £149.

Our promises to you

  • The relationship between you (the author) and myself is important and there needs to be trust, respect and sincerity. I will ensure that you are happy with our progress and I understand that some discussions may be of a confidential nature and not to be recorded or written in any form. 

  • The interviews will cover each phase of your life - childhood, school or college, jobs, relationships, marriage, raising children, holidays, and relatives. Indeed, you may wish to focus on one aspect of your life only, it is your book and it is entirely up to you. 

  • We will check all the basic historical, geographical and cultural facts within the Personal Memento book. Although you will remember more than you think it is quite easy to sometimes provide a slightly wrong date or location and we will check through all available means to ensure the accuracy of your book. 

  • You may find that you have other material that you would like to include in your Personal Memento book that is important to you, such as educational or professional certificates, or handwritten letters. These can be scanned and included within your book. 

  • Your book will be as unique and personal as you. Flexibility is the key and I strongly believe that each author has their own individual voice, and your book will reflect this. There will be phrases and words that you use in everyday conversation and these will be reflected in your book. This is YOUR personal life story using YOUR words. 

For a free initial chat to discuss your project please call 07783 527887 or email today so that we can talk through your needs and identify the best way forward for you