What is the price and how do I pay?

The price is £1499 for books containing approximately 20,000 words of text and up to 20 photographs (up to 150 pages). You may, of course, want a longer book, and the price is £1999 for 30,000 words of text (approximately) and up to 30 photographs (up to 250 pages). Both prices include the five hardback books. It is an additional £149 if you would like a hand drawn portrait by Chloe Wilkin. You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash.  Bank transfer will most likely be the simplest method and you will find our bank details on the invoice that we will send to you once you make your purchase.  You have the option of paying in full or in three instalments.

Limited Special Offer - £999 for 20,000 words of text (up to 150 pages), £1499 for for 30,000 (up to 250 pages)!

If you are interested in a Corporate History book please contact us for pricing options.

Do you only operate in the Yorkshire area?  I live further afield and would like to use your services.

It is important for us to offer a personal, professional service and as a family business we believe that this is one of our unique points.  Interviews will always be conducted with Yvette, and these can be face to face or through other mediums, such as Zoom/Skype or over the telephone. The most important aspect of the business is that the author will have a positive experience and we will happily accommodate your preferred method of interviews. If you choose to conduct interviews through other mediums rather than face to face we can arrange for photographs to be emailed or securely mailed to us. We would like to be able to work with any author who wishes to use our services, with no geographical or other barriers which may prevent this.


Is there a minimum age requirement or an age limit?

No. We welcome anyone who would love to turn their memories and stories into a Personal Memento book.

I haven’t lived an exciting life, why should anybody want to read about me?

Most of us live pretty mundane lives, however you will be surprised at how rich and vibrant your life actually is once you start thinking about your childhood, family members, the start of your career and other memorable events such as marriages, births, deaths, holidays and hobbies. Future members of your family, many of whom will not be in existence for many years to come, will learn about what your life was like, the person you are and what really matters to you. This is an exciting process and the completed book will be cherished by your loved ones and yourself, as well as future generations.

My much-loved relative has passed away, can I create a book in their memory?

Of course, this is a lovely way of honouring their life and creating a special, unique keepsake which you can share with your family and future generations. We have created several books in memory of loved ones who have passed away, and we will ensure your special memories create the most beautiful tribute for you to treasure.

 What will my completed biography look like?

Your Personal Memento or Pet Memento book will be a professionally printed, hardback book with dust cover.  You are welcome to view previous author’s books with their permission.  

What is the best way to structure a biography – chronologically or by subject matter?

This decision is of course entirely down to the author and the book will take whatever form they choose. We find that most authors tend to adopt a chronological process, but of course we are happy to offer assistance and advice to help make the best choice.

How many interviews are there?

There are approximately 8 to 10 meetings in total, at a duration of 60 to 90 minute each, and one Main Review meeting in order to sign off the draft book ready for publication.  The number and frequency of interviews depends on various factors, including length of book and the author's schedule.  We will work with you and your current commitments and we are more than happy to conduct longer, fewer interviews if this is your preference.  There is usually one or two interviews for the Pet Memento book and one Main Review meeting.


Where will the interviews take place?

In your home or in a mutually-agreed, quiet and private location if these are to be face to face meetings.


Can a family member be present during the interviews?

Each session is designed to fully engage the author with an enjoyable activity, so we suggest that they have their interviews alone. We have found that additional family attendees, although well-meaning, can sometimes distract the story telling and thus detract from the author’s enjoyment.


What happens if the author gets sick during the process?

We will postpone the interviews until the author is well enough to continue and will reschedule the remaining interviews to suit their recovery and availability. If the author is too ill to continue or should not wish to complete their Personal Memento book for any reason, the contract can be cancelled. This needs to be done in writing in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Can I cancel the contract in the middle of the process?

In the unlikely event that you wish to end the process, you can cancel at any time and will be charged only for the work already undertaken, as per our Terms and Conditions.


What guarantees do you offer?

The Personal Memento contract may be cancelled at any time as per our Terms and Conditions.

We provide the utmost care and a professional service.

Our business focuses on family values, connecting generations and preserving family history.

Your confidentiality is protected with just one interviewer and writer working on your project.

We are a family business and we operate with integrity and respect and we enjoy the mutual respect with our clients.

Can I order extra copies, and if so, how much are they?

Each package includes five printed hardback books, but extra copies can be ordered at an additional cost.  We will be able to quote accurately for each copy once your book is complete as the price depends on the length of the text and number of photographs included within.  Please note the Pet Memento includes one book, however more books can be ordered at an additional cost.

Can I see your Terms and Conditions?

Please click here to view our Terms and Conditions.  You will also receive a copy via email or in person when we arrange our first meeting.