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Why a Company History Book? 

Let your customers know who you really are, help them understand your values and history! 

Imagine being able to experience the pride that comes from handing your Company’s History book to an interested person and being able to say: “this is what we’ve been, this is who we are, this is what we’re all about”. 

What pride and visibility exist in a drawer full of photos, faded newspaper clippings, a boxed plaque? 

A professional Company History book will capture the past as well as the current pace and culture of the Company. The book will be an accurate, formal record of the Company’s beginning, its growth and how it looks today. It will document major events and recognise the achievements of the Company and its people, which in turn will enhance visibility enabling you to attract new business and customers. 

You will be able to remember certain people whose ingenuity, persistence, foresight, and humour have helped create today’s Company, however, when these people have gone the contributions of the founders and valued employees will fade from memory and eventually disappear if not written down. 

A comprehensive history brings archived materials like photos, biographies, dates and events together in one volume. A Company History book reflects the facts that research and interviews provide. It becomes a permanent chronicle that reveals to current and future generations who the players were and what really happened. How did these events unfold? Who made them happen? What were they thinking when they took a risk and stepped into unknown territory?

Benefits for the Company 

· History books have the potential to market the Company to both the public and investors as the “image” of a Company can be greatly enhanced. 

· Business and membership orientated history books are a “good read”, full of interesting notes, enlightening and stimulating. 

· A Company History book demonstrates pride of ownership and is a distinguished method of differentiating your Company from its competitors. 

· As the primary objective of any business is survival, is there any better way for a Company to declare its strength and future prosperity than to document how it survived in the past. 

· A Company’s History book not only reveals the efforts of the individuals that reflect their successes and mistakes - by past performance and inference it also delivers the mission and philosophy of the Company, past and present. 

· It will document the Company’s performance, recognise the achievements of both the Company and individuals and therefore enable yourself and your employees to analyse how the Company survived economic downturns and prospered in upturns. 

At a time when technology is surging ahead, companies are in danger of leaping into the future without surveying their past. This raises the question “how much of a company’s past is in its future?” It is important to put a spotlight on the Company’s history as how do you revise a business plan without investigating past performance? 


More benefits of having a Company History include improved recruitment and training of new employees as they will be able to learn more about the business and Company values. The book can be used as a guidebook for strategy and as history books are attractive and informative, they are ideal for both general reading and references.

Working with Us 

Most flourishing companies are run by fast-paced, energetic people who are not held hostage by outdated rules or lethargy. They are willing and eager to make constructive strategic changes. A Company History book is a resource that captures examples from the past and sets them in today. 

The completed book is similar in many ways to a treasured family album, documenting the history, growth and current position of the business together with photographs, old and new, images of people, buildings, events, awards, newspaper clippings, old advertisements. Anything you want to be included in the book will be. 

We will discuss your goals and objectives for the book and what purpose you would like it to serve, including the Points to Consider which are included within this pack. Emphasis will be placed on Company milestones including its proudest moments and biggest achievements.

Milestones can include: 

· the date the founder was born and the date he or she died 

· senior personnel who are currently employed, promoted, retired 

· dates and details when products/services were brought to market 

· memorable profits or losses 

· new buildings/premises 

· new departments created 

· new logo introduced 

· first advertising campaign 

· and anything that is important to you and the business. 

We are aware that there may be confidential and/or sensitive issues and we will not divulge anything that the Company deems inappropriate. Indeed, you will be reviewing the book on a regular basis to ensure that you are happy at every step.

Points to consider for your ideal Company History Book 

Do your customers know who you really are? 

Do they understand your values and history? 

What purpose do you want the book to serve? 

Who is your target audience? 

Who are the company’s chief competitors and how does your product/service differentiate you from them? 

Do you want your book to be equally at home in the office and on a coffee table at home? 

Does it communicate with the reader in a friendly, personal language or have more of a business tone? Or both? 

Is it crammed with facts and figures or does it emphasise the accomplishments of the people who built the Company? Or both? 

Do the Company owners want to convey any vital messages? 

Why would somebody read it – are they searching for names/photographs/ glimpse of certain executives / to be reminded of events/nostalgia? Or a combination of these? 

If you read a Company History book would it encourage you to become a supplier or a customer of theirs? 

What Company values, if any, would persuade you to purchase from a certain company?

Sources of Information 

Employees, including senior staff, may be indifferent about certain aspects of the business until little known facts are discovered and photos are found that bring memories flooding back. 

We will meet or interview those who can contribute to the history including senior and junior staff, retired ex-employees and yourself, of course! 

The human beings, with their brilliance, persistence and individuality have brought the Company to where it is now. The most interesting parts are the human stories, be they humorous or tragic. 

Interviews can be held face to face or via mediums such as Skype/Zoom/telephone at mutually convenient times, bearing in mind the demands of the business. 

Sources of information we can take away, with permission, to either include in the book or just to enable us to fully understand the business may include a combination of the following: 

· advertisements  · annual reports  · newspaper articles  · awards  · brochures  · business and marketing plans 

· employee benefits  · testimonials/feedback from customers  · newsletters  · company structure (departments/branches) 

· photos  · presentations  · press releases  · sales charts  · any other promotional materials

Sample Chapters 

Where it all Began 

The Family who founded the Company 


The Young MD(s) 

Young MD(s) work history 

Family weddings/births 




MD Today 

Management Team 


The Company Today 

Family Today 

Future of the Company 

Company Who’s Who 



These are for informational purposes only and will be adapted to suit your personal and business needs.

For a free initial chat to discuss your project please call Yvette on 07783 527887 or email so that we can talk through your project

The Process 

· Free, no-obligation conversation to discuss the potential book with yourself, either by telephone or via Skype/Zoom. 

· If you wish to proceed there will be a first initial meeting at your office to discuss your requirements and a recorded interview with yourself and any senior employees that you feel could contribute. 

· After the first interview sessions we will take away any company literature that will be useful together with a timeline of the founders and Company together with photographs. These will be returned during the next visit to your offices. 

· Interviews will be arranged with other staff members at your offices who you feel could contribute to the book. With permission, I will arrange telephone/skype/zoom interviews with retired ex-employees. 

· Each interview is transcribed, and batches of chapters will be sent to yourself on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and that you are happy every step of the way. 

· Once complete and the proof is signed off by yourself you will receive ten, professionally printed, hardback books. Further copies can be ordered at an extra cost according to the price of printing. 

· From start to finish the process usually takes around three months.


Option 1: £2999 

25,000 words of text and up to 25 photographs (up to 200 pages). Includes 10 hardback, professionally printed books. 

Option 2: £3999 

35,000 words of text and up to 35 photographs (up to 300 pages). Includes 10 hardback, professionally printed books. 

Option 3: £4999 

50,000 + words of text and up to 50 photographs (up to 500 pages). Includes 10 hardback, professionally printed books. 

Travel costs for two visits to the offices are included in all price packages. 

If further visits are required travel costs are payable (off-peak rail travel or mileage @ £0.45/mile). 

Payment can be made via Cheque or Bank Transfer. Our bank details are on the invoice we will send you once you have decided to make your purchase. You have the option of paying in full or in three monthly instalments. If paying by instalments a deposit of £999 will be payable once we set a date to commence the project.