When do you plan to experience the pride that comes from handing your Company’s history book to an interested person and being able to say “this is what we’ve been, this is who we are, this is what we’re all about”? 

What pride and visibility exist in a drawer full of photos, faded newspaper clippings, a boxed plaque?

Have you ever considered a professional Company History book which captures the past as well as the current pace and culture of the Company? 

The book will document major events and recognise the achievements of the Company and its people, which in turn will enhance visibility enabling you to attract new business and customers.  You will be able to remember certain people whose ingenuity, persistence, foresight, and humour have helped create today’s Company, however, when these people have gone the contributions of the founders and valued employees will fade from memory and eventually disappear if not written down. 

A Company History book demonstrates pride of ownership and is a distinguished method of differentiating your company from its competitors.  A comprehensive history brings archived materials like photos, biographies, dates and events together in one volume.  It becomes a permanent chronicle that reveals to current and future generations who the players were and what really happened.  How did these events unfold?  Who made them happen?  What were they thinking when they took a risk and stepped into unknown territory? 

A Company’s History book not only reveals the efforts of the individuals that reflect their successes and mistakes - by past performance and inference it also delivers the mission and philosophy of the Company, past and present. 


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