Personal Memento gives you the opportunity to create your own unique biography and thereby create a permanent legacy for yourself, your family and your loved ones

  • Your life events and your memories are what make you the unique person that you are.

  • Imagine creating a solid, permanent record of your life for the enjoyment of both yourself and your loved ones, and future generations of your family. 

  • Future generations will discover much more about you and how life has changed over the years.

  • The book will give any grandchildren or youngsters in the family an opportunity to learn about what life was like in a personal, interesting way, rather than through a history book! 

    Your Personal Memento book is a professionally written biography and is presented as five beautiful, professionally printed, hardback books which include photographs of your choice

  • Important pieces of a family's history are found only in the memories of the living relatives.

  • Purchasing a Personal Memento book for yourself is a great way to ensure your memories are recorded accurately and gives you the opportunity to share with people the memories that you have never had time to discuss.

  • Childhood memories, stories from parents and grandparents; record those moments you don’t want to forget.

  • A Personal Memento book is a wonderful gift for family or friends on their birthday, anniversary, retirement or Christmas.

  • It will be the most personal gift you can purchase. Help them tell their story and record their precious memories for posterity.

  • We have two pricing options to suits your individual project with no hidden costs.

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Following the passing of Yvonne Wilkin, a beloved Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother and Friend, we decided to create Personal Memento. Here's a quick look into Yvonne Wilkin's Personal Memento book, which tells the story of her life for future generations to read and treasure forever. Create your legacy today!